About Us

Promoting Literacy through Creativity, Collaboration and Community

Founded in 2013, Mohalland Lewis, LLC has been committed to promoting literacy through creativity, collaboration and community.

Co-authors of the creative and adventurous Silly Nomads series, Marcus Mohalland and Jan Lewis have provided young readers with the opportunity to explore a new world and culture through the eyes of two brothers growing up on the island of Jamaica. Today, the books are found throughout schools across the United States as well as in other countries such as Jamaica, Canada and Saudi Arabia.

But that’s not enough…

Because of their commitment to promoting literacy amongst young readers, especially in underprivileged communities, Mohalland & Lewis often find themselves collaborating with nonprofit organizations, community centers, public libraries, and other organizations and foundations who share their passion and commitment. From speaking engagements in classrooms to dramatic book readings at local library, from partnering with underprivileged schools to fundraise for books to motivational speaking for young audiences, Mohalland & Lewis remain committed to their communities.

“By collaborating with others in the community to promote literacy amongst young readers, we know we can truly make a difference in the long-term success of children”
– Marcus Mohalland, Co-founder

About the Authors

Marcus E. Mohalland, Co-founder

Marcus Mohalland was born and raised in some of the poorest neighborhoods in Jamaica, West Indies. Many of his own childhood experiences are recounted in the Silly Nomads series. He obtained his Master’s Degree from Binghamton University and currently resides in Albany, NY where he continues to build collaborations within the community to promote literacy.

” I have always desired to write about my life in a way that would encourage young readers to think creatively and use their imaginations to explore the world around them”.

Janet L. Lewis Zelesnikar, Co-founder

Jan Lewis was born and raised in Endicott, New York. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree from Syracuse University where her passion for writing began. She currently lives in Endwell, NY with her husband, John, and her best furry friend, Cudder.

“Every child deserves a childhood filled with fun and imagination as they grow and learn. I was privileged to have such a childhood and now, I want help other children have the same opportunity”.