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Illustrated by Kate Santee

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Volume 3

"SILLY NOMADS Jubilee Bike Race Heroes"

By M. E. Mohalland and J.L. Lewis


A risky bike flying contest quickly turns a great adventure into disaster. When Suhcrom and Naddih, along with a few of their friends, borrow Nigel's "super" bike, they set out to spend a day full of fun. They never anticipated it would end so badly. Now the

bike was ruined! Anxious to make things right, this ambitious group of kids teams up to get the bike fixed and helps Nigel prepare for his upcoming race. Their hard work saves the day, and throughout the process, they show everyone what it truly means to be a hero.


Release Date: July 28, 2016

Available in Paperback & Kindle versions

STAY TUNED…...there’s more Silly Nomads coming soon…...

"When I was reading, I had to put the book down because I was laughing so hard! I like

Naddih because he is fun and cool."

-Angela, age 9


"I like Suhcrom. He reminds me of myself because he likes to take charge and do

things. I've read a lot of books, but Silly Nomads are the funniest books I've ever read."

-Roxanna, age 11


"What I liked best is how hard they worked to get the money to fix Nigel's bike and that

they don't need to have gaming systems to have fun."

-Khammaneh, age 11


"I liked that the friends used teamwork to fix the bike. My favorite character is Mullet.

She made me laugh every time she said, "Yippee!"

-Cody, age 10


"Funny, inspiring, culturally significant and entertaining. Book three will make you laugh

while teaching readers how to use their imagination when problem solving. This action

packed adventure artfully celebrates the bonds between siblings and close friends and

will give the reader a special glimpse into Jamaican culture. The writing is electric and

will keep the reader engaged throughout the story--A must read!"

-Tina Corbin, Secondary English Educator; Local writer; Children's author



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